Yuuki Yuuna



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Kanji 結城 友奈
Romaji Yūki Yūna
English Yuuna Yuuki
Age 14
15 (Heroes' Chapter)
Gender Female
Grade 2nd Year of Middle School
Blood Type O
Height 154 cm
Favorite Food Udon, Botomochi
Birthday March 21
Status Active
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
First Appearance
Debut A Maiden's True Heart
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Terui Haruka
English Voice Xanthe Huynh

Yuuki Yuuna (結城 友奈 Yūki Yūna?) is the titular protagonist of the Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero anime series. She is a second-year middle school student and a member of the school's Hero Club


Yuuna is a student at Sanshu Middle School and is also Tougou's next-door neighbor. Yuuna is very knowledgeable about flower language and enjoys flower pressing, which she learned from her mother. She is also very physically fit and active, having learned martial arts from her father. Yuuna scored the highest of anyone tested on the Hero Aptitude exams, causing the Taisha to relocate the Tougou family next door to her so that she and the former hero Tougou would be acquainted.


Yuuna is a fair-skinned teenage girl of slightly below average height. She has amaranth-red eyes and shoulder-length hair of different hues: in civilian form, her hair appears amaranth-red in color; in Hero form, her hair now appears pinker in color. She also dons a flower petal-shaped hair clip, which noticeably increases in size while in Hero form.

Her Hero outfit is white and pink, with a pink armored breastplate and a white long coat with a pink gradient. She also has black spats with pink bands at the mid-thigh area, and armored gauntlets and greaves. Her Mankai gauge is located on her right fist and takes the shape of a pink cherry blossom.

In her Mankai form, she wears a long, pink, flowing kimono-like dress with flowing, partially-detached sleeves and has a golden ring above her head, which are attached to two gigantic, mechanical armored fists.

When gaining the burden from the sky gods, she had a strange, sun-like symbol seemingly burned onto her skin, located on the left side of her chest. It's burnings then continued to extend all the way across her abdomen, creating a swirling pattern.


Yuuna with her friends.

Yuuna is an energetic, kindhearted girl who jumps at the chance to help others. She is extremely loyal to her friends, family and to the Hero Club, and fights to protect them without a second thought regardless of the risks to her own safety. Yuuna is good at reading people's emotions, and will often exaggerate her naivete and childishness in order to brighten the mood. Yuuna is also not above telling white lies for the sake of her friends. In truth, Yuuna is scared of dying, and being alone.


Yuuna fights using armored gauntlets and greaves for powerful close-range combat. Her first fairy, Gyuuki, allows her to condense energy in her fist and release it in a punch, her signature technique which she calls the "Hero Punch." Yuuna's second fairy, Kasha, allows her to gather energy in her foot and release it in a fiery explosion, a technique which she dubs the "Hero Kick."

Yuuna's Mankai form grants her two gigantic armored fists which deal devastating blows to anything they hit. As a result of using her Mankai in Episode 5, Yuuna loses her sense of taste, while her usage of it in Episode 12 cost her the use of her legs.

When granted her final mankai by the Shinju, she is able to do a Hero Punch with the wishes of the hero club, represented by the flowers of the heroes. It is able to destroy gods but dissipates the Shinju.


  • Gyuuki (牛鬼)
    • A white cow spirit with a pink flower marking on its side. Gyuuki is mischievous and comes out of Yuuna's terminal of its own volition, unlike the other fairies. It is also extremely voracious and will attempt to eat any and everything, including the other fairies.
  • Kasha (火車)
    • A pink fire-cat spirit. Like Gyuuki, Kasha is stated to be an ill-behaved troublemaker.


Episode 1

Yuuna is revealed to be a member of the Sanshu Middle School Hero Club, along with Tougou Mimori, Inubouzaki Fuu, and Inubouzaki Itsuki, which is dedicated to helping those that require assistance. During class one day, upon receiving a strange "forestize warning" messaging her phone, Yuuna finds that time has suddenly stopped and attempts to comfort Tougou, before she and her friends are enveloped by a rainbow-colored light, soon finding themselves in a strange multi-colored forest. Upon arriving there, Fuu explains that the four of them have been chosen by the Shinju to fight against mysterious enemies known as Vertex, whose goal is to utterly destroy the Shinju and demolish the world as a result. When one of the Vertex appear and begins attacking, Fuu tells Yuuna and Tougou to escape while she and Itsuki use their phones to transform into heroes to fight against the Vertex. Determined to protect Tougou, Yuuna awakens her potential as a hero and transforms herself, using her newfound strength to fight against the Vertex.

Episode 2

Now transformed, Yuuna helps Fuu and Itsuki perform the sealing ritual in order to expose the Vertex's core. Once this happens, she teams up with Fuu to defeat the Vertex and return to the real world. The next day, she notices that Tougou is upset with Fuu for hiding the truth from them, and attempts to cheer her up. During the next Vertex battle, Yuuna attempts to take down the Scorpion Vertex but is knocked down and injured. She is almost killed by the Vertex before she is saved by Tougou.

Episode 3

Like her friends, Yuuna is also quite surprised when Miyoshi Karin enters the Jukai and singlehandedly eliminates a Vertex. She is even more surprised when Karin transfers into her class. Nonetheless, she is her usual friendly and cheerful self, and considers Karin a friend.

Episode 4

Yuuna joins the others in helping Itsuki become more confident in her singing abilities. At the karaoke lounge, she and Karin perform ○△□ (Maru Sankaku Shikaku) together. She also helps write a note of encouragement for Itsuki, saying "Let's go eat cake once the test is over!".

Episode 5

Yuuna assists her friends in taking down the remaining Vertexes. When the soul of the last Vertex cannot be sealed, she and Tougou fly up to it. Determined to destroy it, Yuuna uses her Mankai ability to punch the Vertex core. She is wounded and fatigued, but with Tougou and Itsuki's help, she survives.

Episode 6

Yuuna discovers that she has lost her sense of taste, but attempts to remain in good spirits for everyone else's sake. Instead, she is more concerned about Karin, who appears to feel a form of survivor's guilt after the last Vertex battle. She goes to meet Karin on the seashore, telling her that even though there are no more Vertex to fight, the Hero Club will still be around because they love being together and helping people. Through this gesture of friendship, she convinces Karin to stay with the Hero Club.

Episode 7

Yuuna enjoys a fun and relaxing day at Sanshu Beach. That night, however, she notices Tougou awake and gazing up at the sky. Tougou voices her concerns about the Vertex battles not being over, but Yuuna reassures her that they will deal with it when it happens, and brushes her hair.

Episode 8

Yuuna eliminates a Vertex using her new power: Hero Kick. When the Jukai disappears, she and Tougou are transported to a different location, where they meet Nogi Sonoko. She tells them the truth about Mankai and Sange. Yuuna is shocked, but vows to Tougou that she will find a way to make things right.

Episode 9

Yuuna tells Fuu the information they learned from Sonoko, and in turn they are asked not to share the information with Itsuki and Karin yet. The next day, Tougou tells Yuuna that the fairies were given to them to prevent them from dying, and that everything Sonoko said was true. When Fuu becomes enraged and tries to attack the Taisha, Yuuna, Karin and Itsuki stop her from fighting.

Episode 10

It is revealed that Yuuna met Tougou shortly after Tougou moved into her new home. From that point onward, they became next-door neighbors and best friends. Upon hearing about the Hero Club and receiving a flyer from Fuu, Yuuna immediately volunteered to join.

Episode 11

Yuuna and Karin attempt to chase after Tougou, after learning that she caused the Vertex outbreak. They discover the World of Flames beyond the wall, and try to reason with Tougou, but to no avail. Yuuna becomes so distraught with the situation and her perceived failure as a friend that she becomes unable to transform. Karin volunteers to fight in her place, and by the time Yuuna finds her again, she has lost her sight and the use of most of her limbs. By the episode's end, Yuuna has found renewed strength, vowing to protect Tougou and the Shinju.

Episode 12

Yuuna activates Mankai once more and fights against Tougou, and stops her by telling her that she will never forget about her. She then tries to stop the final Vertex attack, but her Mankai wears off and she is unable to use her legs. She then summons a tremendous amount of willpower to deliver the final blow and touch the Vertex core. This causes her to become comatose for several months, but after hearing Tougou's voice, she is able to return to consciousness. Despite suffering from another "dizzy spell", Yuuna performs the play with her friends, confident that she can accomplish anything with her friends there.

Washio Sumi's Chapter - Promise

Yuuna makes a brief appearance at the end, as she meets Tougou for the first time.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 1

Yuuna notes that despite all that has happened in the past several months, the Hero Club is back to its normal activities. Sonoko has enrolled at Sanshu Middle School and joined the Hero Club, and Yuuna has become fast friends with her. However, when Yuuna is walking home with Karin after a baseball game, she notices something is not quite right. She gets this feeling again when Itsuki brings a cake into the club room and Fuu cuts it into six pieces, and she suddenly remembers the word "botamochi". It all culminates when the Hero Club performs their play for the kindergarteners, and Yuuna remembers Tougou's emotional reading of the play to her. She suddenly remembers Tougou, and she and Sonoko realize that their memories have been altered to make them forget about Tougou.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 2

Once beyond the wall, Yuuna volunteers to enter the black hole and retrieve Tougou. She expends her fairy's barrier to survive the hole's gravitational pull, and she enters another plane of existence as her soul becomes separated from her body. There, she finds fragments of Tougou's memories and learns how she ended up outside the wall. Once Yuuna enters the other side of the black hole, she notices that the place seems familiar. She soon finds Tougou and, in spite of the risk to her soul and body, frees her and takes on the full extent of the curse. She does not tell the others about the curse, which has now begun to create burn marks on her body.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 3

Yuuna wonders if she should tell the others about her burn mark, but when she does, horrible visions begin to appear of others bearing the same mark. She tries to tell Fuu in private, but after she does, Fuu is hit by a car. This leads Yuuna to realize that if she tries to talk about the curse, it will spread to others. Distraught, Yuuna runs away.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 4

After the New Year, Yuuna tries to remain upbeat and continue her everyday life despite her declining health. Karin tries to ask Yuuna to tell her if something is bothering her, but becomes upset when Yuuna insists that everything is fine.

It is then revealed that Yuuna is suffering from a Curse of the Gods, and will spread the curse if she writes or tells others about it. She is instructed by the Taisha to keep a diary. In it, Yuuna reveals that during the last Vertex attack, her body was completely destroyed and her soul was consumed by the Vertex's core. This left her trapped in the same place where Tougou was kept. Hearing Tougou's voice restored her determination to return home, and a crow appeared to help her.

After returning, the Shinju had to create an entirely new body for Yuuna. The Taisha informed her that she is a Misugata, a very sacred being favored by gods, and that this was how she was able to transfer Tougou's curse to herself. They also tell her that as long as the World of Flames exists, the curse will not heal, and she will likely not make it to spring. She continues to feel fear and pain as her condition worsens, and guilt for disappointing her friends.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 5

Yuuna is visited by the Aki-Sensei, who tells her that the Shinju's lifespan is nearing its end, and the world will be destroyed. The only way to save the human race is if she agrees to be the Shinju's bride and sacrifice herself in a Shinkon wedding. She accepts the proposal, but faces harsh objections from her friends. She continues arguing with them over what should be done, but fears that the curse is spreading and runs away.

Heroes' Chapter Episode 6

By the time Tougou finds Yuuna in the heart of the Shinju-sama, the Shinkon is already well underway, with snakes imprisoning her body and arms eating away at her soul. She tries to reach out to Tougou, but is blocked by a barrier. She is almost consumed by the snakes, but is freed after all of the heroes, mikos, and sentinels unite in their prayers to the Shinju. She embraces Tougou, crying and admitting to her that she is very afraid. Gyuuki then appears to her, enveloping her in a root of light and allowing her to transform into her Dai-Mankai form. With this incredible strength, she punches the heavenly gods and destroys the World of Flames with it. She and her friends are brought back to the real world, their terminals cracked. With the curse lifted, Yuuna returns to living a normal life with the Hero Club.


Tougou Mimori

Yuuna's best friend, classmate and fellow club member. Yuuna and Tougou met two years previous just after Tougou moved next door to Yuuna's family, and they have been friends since then. Yuuna and Tougou have an extremely close friendship and both are always there for each other when the other needs it most. Yuuna is also rather protective of Tougou, and is usually the one pushing her wheelchair around.

Inubouzaki Fuu

Yuuna's senior and club president. Fuu and Yuuna have a strong friendship, and their energetic personalities are often synced with each other. Yuuna has strong confidence in Fuu as a leader and accepts Fuu's revelations about the Hero Club without complaint.

Inubouzaki Itsuki

Yuuna's junior and fellow club member. Yuuna, like the rest of the Hero Club, tends to treat Itsuki as the club's little sister, and she cares deeply about her well-being; for example, Yuuna is the first to suggest that the Hero Club help Itsuki pass her music exam.

Miyoshi Karin

Yuuna's classmate and fellow club member. Their relationship is rocky at first, since Yuuna's earnestness conflicts with Karin's serious, stubborn nature. However, as the series goes on Yuuna's refusal to give up on Karin starts to get through and by the end of the series, the two are very close friends.

Nogi Sonoko

A fellow Hero, and as of Sonoko After Yuuna's classmate and fellow club member. Yuuna first met Sonoko when she was summoned to her hospital bed with Tougou in Episode 8. Yuuna feels immense sympathy for her situation and asks what she can do to help. When the two meet again in Sonoko After, the two immediately become good friends, to Tougou's delight.

Forms of Address

Person Nickname
Self Watashi (私)
Tougou Mimori Tougou-san (東郷さん)
Inubouzaki Fuu Fuu-senpai (風先輩)
Inubouzaki Itsuki Itsuki-chan (樹ちゃん)
Miyoshi Karin Karin-chan (夏凜ちゃん)
Nogi Sonoko (YuYuYu) Sono-chan (園ちゃん)
Washio Sumi Sumi-chan (須美ちゃん)
Nogi Sonoko (WaSuYu) Sonoko-chan (園子ちゃん)
Minowa Gin Gin-chan (銀ちゃん)
Nogi Wakaba Wakaba-chan (若葉ちゃん)
Uesato Hinata Hina-chan (ヒナちゃん)
Takashima Yuuna Takashima-chan (高嶋ちゃん)
Koori Chikage Gun-chan (ぐんちゃん)
Doi Tamako Tama-chan (タマちゃん)
Iyojima Anzu An-chan (アンちゃん)
Shiratori Utano Utano-chan (歌野ちゃん)
Fujimori Mito Mito-chan (水都ちゃん)
Akihara Sekka Secchan (せっちゃん)
Kohagura Natsume Natsume-san (棗さん)
Kusunoki Mebuki Mebuki-chan (吹ちゃん)
Kagajou Suzume Suzume-chan (雀ちゃん)
Yamabushi Shizuku Shizuku-chan (しずくちゃん) Shizuku-chan (シズクちゃん)
Miroku Yumiko Yumiko-chan (海子ちゃん)
Kokudo Aya Aya-chan (亜那ちゃん)
Akamine Yuuna Akamine-chan (赤嶺ちゃん)
Kiryuu Shizuka Shizu-san (しずさん)


  • Yuuna's birthday, March 21, is the first day of spring. This also makes her an Aries, like Tougou.
  • Yuuna's name was given by the Taisha due to her high Hero aptitude, in commemoration of Takashima Yuuna who was lost in battle.

Flower Motif

Yuuna is often associated with Mountain Sakura (山桜), which means Smile at you. When she is given the power of Dai-Mankai, she has been presumed to have the theme of a Green Sakura variation.




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