Important Memories
Taisetsu na Omoide
Scenario Sakai Takahiro
Storyboard Fukuoka Taisei
Episode Director Fukuoka Taisei
Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Japanese Air Date

December 1, 2017

DVD Release/Streaming

December 1, 2017

Opening Hanakotoba
Ending Yuusha-tachi no Lullaby
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Important Memories (大切な思い出 Taisetsu na Omoide?) is the second episode of the Heroes' Chapter and the ninth episode of the second season of Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It aired on December 1, 2017.

Summary Edit

Suspecting that Togo may be somewhere behind the wall, Sonoko brings together everyone's transformation cellphones, containing a new Hero System that won't affect their body functions but instead ties its barrier functionality to the Mankai Gauge, which will empty if they use the Mankai form. Once again transforming into heroes, the girls venture beyond the wall and detect Togo's signal coming from a mysterious black hole. Using Sonoko's Mankai form as a ship, Yuna ventures into the black hole while the others hold off the pursuing Vertex.

Expending her barrier to survive the hole's gravity, Yuna's spirit becomes separated from her body, during which she discovers fragments of Togo's memories. Due to her actions causing flames to leak out of the hole in the boundary she left, Togo agreed to be a ritual sacrifice in order to suppress the flames, having Shinju rewrite the memories of Yuna and the others so they wouldn't go after her. Yuna soon finds Togo trapped in a construct with a sprit surrounded in flames behind her. Despite the risk to her own spirit and body, Yuna pulls Togo out of the construct, taking on the full extent of her curse. As Togo is safely returned to the real world with the flames stabilized, Yuna keeps secret the marks now embedded in her body.

Character Appearances Edit

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Soundtracks Edit

Time Track Name Album
0:08-0:34 Tanpopo
(タンポポ Dandelion?)
Yuki Yuna OST #21
0:35-2:04 Hanakotoba
(ハナコトバ Flower Language?)
3:21-5:37 ☆* Yuki Yuna OST #8
6:02-7:23 ☆☆☆☆☆***** Yuki Yuna OST #13
8:01-8:49 ☆☆☆*** Yuki Yuna OST #11
9:26-10:33 ☆☆** Yuki Yuna OST #9
10:45-11:35 Ifuu Doudou
(威風堂々 Imposing Power?)
Yuki Yuna OST #10
11:42-14:05 ☆☆☆☆**** Yuki Yuna OST #12
( ?)
( ?)
( ?)
20:17-22:04 Cosmos
(コスモス Kosumosu?)
Yuki Yuna OST #3
22:27-23:56 Yusha-tachi no Lullaby
(勇者たちのララバイ Heroes' Lullaby?)

Trivia Edit

  • The corresponding flower to this episode is the Japanese Maple.
  • It was staff member Fukuoka Taisei who suggested that they trap Togo in a black hole. Another alternative idea was to turn her into a burnt corpse.[1]



  1. A staff interview with Fukuoka Taisei, Uezu Makoto, and Seiji Kishi that took place on April 14, 2018.

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