Spectacular Days
Hanayaka na Hibi
Scenario Uezu Makoto
Storyboard Shin'ichi Masaki
Episode Director Masaharu Tomoda
Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Japanese Air Date

November 24, 2017

DVD Release/Streaming

November 24, 2017

Opening None
Ending Hanakotoba
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Spectacular Days (華やかな日々 Hanayaka na Hibi?) is the first episode of the Heroes' Chapter and the eighth episode of the second season of Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It aired on November 24, 2017.

Summary Edit

Following their battle against the Vertex, Yuna, Fu, Itsuki, and Karin are joined by a fully-recovered Sonoko as the Hero Club resumes its normal activities. However, Yuna starts to get a strange feeling that someone is missing from the equation.

The next day, upon experiencing more deja vu, both Yuna and Sonoko come to the realization that someone has altered their memories to make them forget all about Togo, as if she never existed. Upon recalling their true memories of Togo, who had been taking up a masked hero persona to make up for destroying part of the wall, the girls are left with the question of where she has disappeared to.

Character Appearances Edit

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Soundtracks Edit

Time Track Name Album
( ?)
02:09-2:55 Comfort
(くつろぎ Kutsurogi?)
OST Outtake #6
3:14-4:31 Fiendish Instructor
(鬼教官 Oni Kyōkan?)
OST Outtake #12
4:44-5:07 Senninsou
(センニンソウ Sweet Autumn Clematis?)
Yuki Yuna OST #15
5:22-6:22 Erica
(エリカ Erika?)
Yuki Yuna OST #16
6:43-6:54 Harmony
(団欒 Danran?)
OST Outtake #5
7:18-8:25 Pretty
(プリティ Puriti?)
OST Outtake #8
10:01-11:05 Chomusubi
(蝶結び A Butterfly?)
Washio Sumi OST #18
12:46-13:35 The Hero and the Demon King
(勇者と魔王 Yusha to Mao?)
OST Outtake #1
13:57-15:10 Yuugao
(ユウガオ Calabash?)
Yuki Yuna OST #4
16:21-16:57 Kurotanesou
(黒種草? lit. "Black Seed Grass")
Yuki Yuna OST #7
17:14-18:05 Fukujusou
(フクジュソウ Amur Adonis?)
Yuki Yuna OST #19
18:39-19:01 Tutorial
(チュートリアル Chūtoriaru?)
OST Outtake #16
20:13-21:29 Cosmos
(コスモス Kosumosu?)
Yuki Yuna OST #3
21:49-22:25 Honkinsenka
(ホンキンセンカ Pot Marigold?)
Yuki Yuna OST #20
22:28-23:56 Hanakotoba
(ハナコトバ Flower Language?)
23:57-24:11 Tsuchi to Hana
(ツチトハナ Earth and Flowers?)
Heroes' Chapter OST #13

Trivia Edit

  • The corresponding flower to this episode is the Gloxinia.


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