My Heart Hurts When I Think Of You
Anata o Omou to Mune ga Itamu
Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Chief Animation Director Sakai Takahiro
Japanese Air Date

December 8, 2017

DVD Release/Streaming

December 8, 2017

Opening Hanakotoba
Ending Yuusha-tachi no Lullaby
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Important Memories Unspoken Intentions

MY Heart Hurts When I Think Of You (あなたを思うと胸が痛む Anata o Omou to Mune ga Itamu?) is the third episode of the Heroes' Chapter and the tenth episode of the second season of Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It aired on December 8, 2017.

Summary Edit

As the Hero Club prepares to celebrate Christmas together, Yuna is burdened by the "duty" she took on from Togo when she rescued her. As Yuna wonders if she should speak to the others about it, she starts to see visions of the same mark appearing on the others.

Later that day, after Yuna tries to talk to her about the mark, Fu is suddenly hit by a car, leading Yuna to realize that her curse is causing anyone she tries to talk about the mark to have accidents. Not wanting to get her friends involved any further, Yuna runs away from home.

Character Appearances Edit

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Soundtracks Edit

Time Track Name Album
0:06-0:38 Jukai no Nakae
(樹海の中へ Into the Center of the Forest?)
Yuki Yuna OST #4
0:44-1:42 Hiragi
(ヒイラギ Holly Olive?)
Heroes' Chapter OST #5
1:48-3:16 Hanakotoba
(ハナコトバ Flower Language?)
3:24-5:26 Harmony
(団欒 Danran?)
OST Outtake #5
5:39-5:58 Pretty
(プリティ Puriti?)
OST Outtake #8
( ?)
10:59-11:55 Honkinsenka
(ホンキンセンカ Pot Marigold?)
Yuki Yuna OST #20
14:44-15:36 Erica
(エリカ Erika?)
Yuki Yuna OST #16
16:49-18:06 Tanpopo
(タンポポ Dandelion?)
Yuki Yuna OST #12
19:20-22:25 Madobe No Akari
(窓辺の灯り Sunlight by the Windows?)
Heroes' Chapter OST #6
22:27-23:56 Yusha-tachi no Lullaby
(勇者たちのララバイ Heroes' Lullaby?)
( ?)

Trivia Edit

  • The corresponding flower to this episode is the Torch Lily.


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