Kanji ヴァルゴ・バーテックス
Romaji Vu~arugo bātekkusu
English Virgo Vertex
Creation Unknown
Type Maiden
Threat Level {{{Threat Level}}}
Height Unknown
Defeated By Takashima Yuna, Yuki Yuna, Miyoshi Karin
Notable Kills Aided In Takashima Yuna's Eventual Death
Status Inactive
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1

The Virgo Vertex (ヴァルゴ・バーテックス), also known as an Otome Type is an enemy of humanity, and the first Vertex the Hero Club encounters. It is based on the constellation Virgo, the Virgin.

Appearance Edit

Pink and elongated, with ribbon-like appendages located behind a strange 'face'. Seems to be secured in some transparent "cage."

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Attacks by extruding explosive pods from its tail-end, as well as through slam attacks with its appendages. It can release bombs or stardust from it's tail-end and it's soul is located inside its 'head'; its interference tactic is durability and resistance to attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Vertex encountered by the Hero Club.

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