The Vertexes (バーテックス, Bātekkusu) are a malevolent lifeform, created by the gods of heaven during the Anno Domini era for the purpose of exterminating mortal life.

Purpose Edit

Vertexes were created as cleansers with the purpose of passing down divine judgment upon humanity. They first appeared on Earth during 2015 AD. They succeeded in destroying much of the world, apart from the Shikoku island of Japan which was protected from certain destruction by the Shinju-sama, a conglomeration of gods that sided with humanity during the humanity-Vertex war. In order to further continue protecting the remnants of humanity from certain extinction, Shinju-sama borrowed chunks of their divine powers to young girls, which eventually became known as Heroes.

They initially stopped their attacks after the Taisha agreed to cease usage of the Hero System, and only resumed their attacks after they notice that the Taisha did not completely get rid of the System.

List of known Vertex types and their appearances in the series Edit

#NameKatakana name on official websiteKanji name on characters' phoneChapter they appeared in WashioSumiEpisode they appeared in YukiYuna
Virgo Vertexヴァルゴ・バーテックス乙女型Chapter 5Episode 1Episode 11
Scorpion Vertexスコーピオン・バーテックスunknownChapter 4Episode 2
Cancer Vertexキャンサー・バーテックス
Sagittarius Vertexサジタリウス・バーテックス
Capricorn Vertexカプリコーン・バーテックスChapter 3Episode 3
Aries Vertexアリエス・バーテックス牡羊型Chapter 8Episode 5
Pisces Vertexピスケス・バーテックス魚型Episode 11
Aquarius Vertexアクエリアス・バーテックス水瓶型Chapter 1
Libra Vertexリブラ・バーテックス天秤型Chapter 2
Taurus Vertexタウラス・バーテックス雄牛型
Leo Vertexレオ・バーテックス獅子型Chapter 8Episode 11
Gemini Vertexジェミニ・バーテックス双子型Episode 8
Stardust星屑 Episode 10Episode 11
Episode 12

Additionally, Vertex can form Starclusters, such as the Leo Starcluster (レオ・スタークラスター; Reo Sutākurasutā). These Starclusters gain the abilities and appearance of the Vertex they're made out of. The Vertex seen in Nogi Wakaba is a Hero are referred to as Arrow Evolver (矢のようなものを発生させたもの), Horn Evolver (角のように硬質化して隆起したもの), Snake Evolver (巨大な蛇のような姿のもの), and Centipede Evolver (ムカデのように長い体型のもの).

Mobile GameEdit

In the mobile game, there are many new Vertex types introduced.

Bold names indicate mobile-exclusive Vertex.

Name Versione Base Bassa Alta Var4 Appearance Threat Details Special Move Note
Stardust N/A N/A Big maggot with mouth Nothing special. Both Zucca (Halloween) versions are not specifically named within the game. N/A
Zucca version: Trick:Circular Small Green + DEF Down
Aries N/A N/A N/A Cross Assault: Damage to cross area + Lower accuracy
Accelerate: Circular area damage + enemy (vertexes) within area movement speed +20% (+100% during Invasion?)
Taurus N/A N/A N/A
Gemini N/A N/A N/A Bipedal legs ★★★ DROP
Aquarius N/A N/A N/A Cup + 2 water balls + emerging water ball Water Shield: Weak Horizontal 1 line Blue + Movement sealed
Water Heal: (Recover?) 20% HP for enemies (Vertexes?) within circular range (Only when as inavasion event sub-boss?)
Water Prison: Circular damage + to heroes within range, reduce speed by 40% and movement speed by 40% (60% for both during Invasions?)
Horizontal = parallel to Vertex's incoming direction
Libra N/A N/A N/A A balance Repar Spin: Circular Small Yellow + Self Def Up
Sagittarius N/A N/A N/A Sting Needle: Weak Horizontal 1 line Green + Self CRT Up
Sting Needle: Horizontal 1 line large damage
Tear Needle: Front Vertical 2 lines + 10s enemy(heroes) attack pace -50% (+ movement ban during Scorpion invasion event?)
Capricorn N/A N/A N/A Earthshake: Screen-wide AoE (Green) + Hero accuracy down
Earthquake: Screen-wide AoE (+ Shadow in some occasions?)
Cancer N/A N/A N/A Stacked shields with surrounding shields Reflect Mirror: Weak Horizontal 1 line Yellow + Area movement speed up
Reflect Mirror: Cross Large Yellow + Area defense up in 10 seconds
Reflect Mirror: Slanted line Yellow + Area defense up in 10 seconds
Shields Grant: 10s damage cut 5000 for friendly side (vertex) exclude self
Grand Reflection: For 10s, friendly side (Vertexes) within area, attack peace +50%
Irregular Reflection: Circular medium Yellow + Large knockback
Irregular Interrupt: Circular damage to heroes within range + Large knockback
Assist Reflection: Movement speed up for enemies (vertexes) other than self + Self DEF Up (Only during invasion session as non-main boss?)
Slanted line: Could either be Top Left - Bottom Right, or Top Right - Bottom Left.
Pisces N/A N/A N/A Ground Plunge: Weak Horizontal 1 line Blue + Area attack up
Dive to Earth: Damage to heroes within range + Self DEF up (to infinite) + Self pushback-resist up
Storm Plunge: Damage to heroes within range + reduce movement speed of heroes within range
Scorpio N/A N/A N/A A station with a smiling face and fishball tail ★★★★ Needle Tail: Circular Small Red + Area Attack up
Cheer Force: 10s atk +10% for friendly side (vertex) exclude self
Force Grant: 10s atk +30% for friendly side (vertex) exclude self
Torment Death: damage for heroes within area for 50% max hp + Toxic
Lethal Hero Killer: Instant kill level huge damage to heroes within range. (displayed hitbox: tiny cell directly in front of Scorpion; during Scorpion Invasion Event actual hitbox: inclulde everywhere after itself)
Doom Hero Killer: Instant kill level huge damage to heroes within range. (straight line)
Virgo N/A N/A N/A Ground Slam: (Green) Vertical line at front -50% + Hero pushback resist -50% (or -30%)
Bomb Generate: Weak Horizontal 1 line Red + Self attack up (Another version: Weak Horizontal 1 line Red + 10s Hero attack pace -40%)
Flutter Slap: Circular Medium Yellow
Vertical: a vertical row in term of screen orientation, perpendicular to vertex incoming direction. Front: From Heroes' perspective
Leo N/A N/A N/A Flame: Circular small Red + Self Attack up
Flame Splash: Circular medium Red + Self Attack Up
Flame Blow: Circular small Red + Self Attack Up (Note: Before this special move occurs, the warning area on the ground would be incorrectly displayed as a line)
Leo Starcluster N/A N/A N/A Similar to Leo but with many components from other Vertexes ★★★★★ Howling Tone: Circular small Green + Self Push resist UP + Enemy Push Resist Down
Water Shield: Weak Horizontal 1 line Blue + Movement sealed
Heavy Ray: Strong Horizontal 1 Line Yellow + Self Attack Up
Arrow Evolver (矢のようなものを発生させたもの) N/A N/A N/A Spine-y body ★★★ Uses ranged attacks and moves towards the Shinju. Low HP. Kill it before the map is clogged. Arrow Blast: Weak horizontal 1 Line Yellow + Self CRT Up N/A
Horn Evolver (角のように硬質化して隆起したもの) N/A N/A N/A Skewered ball with halo Horn Blast: Weak horizontal 1 Line Blue + Self defense Up N/A
Snake Evolver (巨大な蛇のような姿のもの) N/A N/A N/A Spinal cord with a snake mouth and tail Heavy Tail: Circular Small Green + Self CRT Up N/A
Centipede Evolver (角のように硬質化して隆起したもの) N/A N/A N/A Centipede-like Rim Blast: Weak horizontal 1 Line Yellow + Self knockback resistance up N/A
Attacca N/A Flying tadpole ★★ Above average HP, will try to change lanes after clashing with your Hero. Could cause great damage to your Hero when clashing. N/A N/A
Fermata N/A Skeleton bird ★★★★ Similar to Attacca, but does not move as fast and usually does not change lanes. Has high attack and HP. Often comes in packs. Occassionally will also perform circular explosions if left untouched. N/A N/A
Tacet N/A Drum-like High knockback status, high defense with very low HP. Provides a high amount of experience. Poison Sting: causes damage to Heroes within range + 30 seconds toxic N/A
Cadenza N/A Bean-like with sharp spine ★★★★ Mob: will use ranged attack in frontline, then stay in position via movement debuff. Kill it before the map is clogged. Horizontal Line Attack: (Mob)
Grant Strength: Circular Small Green + 8 seconds Friendly side (Vertexes) all member attack +10% (boss)
Accelerate: Circular Damage + Movement speed for enemies (Vertexes) +20%
Portamento N/A Keyring ★★★ Will perform circular explosion with self destruct with very high damage. Try to kill it or get out range before it explodes. (Large Bassa version mobs:) Overflow Power: All enemy (vertexes) movement speed -10% attack +30% (come with high knockback)
As a boss, it can perform circular explosion without self destruct. However, no cut in for such move.
Maestoso N/A Jellyfish ★★★ Will perform circular explosion with self destruct with very high damage. Try to kill it or get out range before it explodes. Pulse Lightning: Circular Small Yellow + Stun (Alta variant only?)
Bomb Drop: Damage to Heroes within range (X-shaped/Circular/Slanted)
Float Guard: For enemies (Vertexes) within range, damage cut 85% for damages from melee type and area type Heroes
Glissando N/A Halberd with ball ★★★ Bassa: performs circle aoe poison
Alta: performs circle aoe stun
Requiem Forte Gain immunity at HP 25% when as a boss. Must use hissatsu waza. In a mob, killing it gives HP regeneration. Dark Explosion: Circular Large Purple + Attack Sealed + Increase Attack Range
Heavy Ray: Strong Horizontal 1 Line Yellow + Self Attack Up
Its baseline version's look is rather similar to the bassa version, please pay attention to purple colored parts in the bassa version to differentiate them.
Pesante N/A N/A Armored slug ★★ Very high HP, moves slowly, can buff its attack. Hard Impact: Circular Small Green + Self Attack UP
Circular Small Purple + 8s friendly side all member defense +1000
Con Fuoco N/A N/A Fire Spark: Damage to Heroes within range + self damage up 1.37x N/A
Giocoso N/A N/A Liquid Spray: Circular Small Purple (Alta: Red) + Area CRT UP N/A
Rondo Coda Cyclone Edge: Circular Small Yellow + ATK down + Defense down
Dolce N/A Weak Seed: Circular Small Purple + Stun + Toxic
Weak Seed: Circular Small Purple + Toxic
??? Seed: Circular Small Blue + Friendly side all members movement speed +???
Poison Seed
Scherzo N/A Coda Poison Sting: Damage to heroes within range + 30 seconds toxic
Capriccio N/A Zucca Floating desk with tentacles Poison Tail: Circular Small Purple + Toxic (The same skill is named Jack-O'-Lantern for Zucca variant)
Canon Duo Rosso
Duo Verde
Homing Blizzard: Screen-wide AoE (Blue) + Pushback resist up for every friendly side (vertex)
Freezing Blizzard: Screen-wide AoE (Blue) + Heroes side movement speed and attack speed -30% in 10 seconds
Septet N/A N/A ★★★★★ Black Fog: Circular Small Purple + Exp Down + Attack Pace Down

Trivia Edit

  • While translated material uses the word "Vertices" as the plural form of Vertex, the English dub uses the word "Vertexes."
  • In the earliest drafts of the series, Vertexes were able to talk.[1]
  • In the final battle of Washio Sumi is a Hero, the anime depicts incomplete evolved Vertexes invading the barrier, which includes :

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References Edit

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