Kanji てまリ
Romaji Temari
Gender Female
Favorite Food Fried Udon
Status Active
First Appearance
Debut Yuki Yuna is a Hero Club Member Chapter 8
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice
English Voice N/A

Temari (てまリ?), or Umi no Sei (海の精? lit. "Nymph of the Sea") is a special character from the 4koma comic, Yuki Yuna is a Hero Club Member. She is a young girl who helps her father run a beachside cafe.

Appearance Edit

Temari is assumed to be a pre-adolescent girl who is fair skinned with light hair that is styled in pigtails. She wears a tank top and a cloth. Her eye color is assumed to be light as well.

Background Edit

Temari first meets Inubouzaki Itsuki while sitting on the beach one afternoon, introducing herself as "The Nymph of the Sea". When she gets an unexpected reaction from Itsuki, Temari tells her that she is actually a lost child. Itsuki reassures her and promises to help her find her family; however, as it turns out, Temari's "lost child" act was a ruse to lure Itsuki into her father's cafe.

Personality Edit

Temari is very quiet and does not speak much at all. She seems to want to help her father do well in business though.

Relationships Edit

Inubouzaki Itsuki Edit

She met Itsuki and introduced herself as the nymph of the sea. She then told her she was a lost child but that was just a plan to get her into her father's shop.

Trivia Edit

  • Temari is actually her last name. Her first name is unknown.

Gallery Edit