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Takashima Yuna
Change takashima
Kanji 高嶋 友奈
Romaji Takashima Yūna
English Yuna Takashima
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 2nd Year of Middle School (Presumed)
Blood Type A
Height 154 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday January 11
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Nogi Wakaba is a Hero - Chapter 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Haruka Terui
English Voice N/A

Takashima Yuna (高嶋 友奈 Takashima Yūna?) is one of the main characters of the light novel Nogi Wakaba is a Hero. She is a part of the first Hero team.


Yuna's selfless nature leads to her trying to downplay her own background, and much of it was concealed in promotional material. However, she eventually reveals that she was born in Nara Prefecture, and on the day of the Vertex Disaster, she received her weapon at a shrine where she often played as a child. Yuna is a Hero and is therefore involved in the "war" her team is fighting, and she wants to end it sooner rather than later. She is also good friends with Koori Chikage. Her exploits would eventually cause girls who meet specific conditions at birth to be named "Yuna" in memoriam.


Hero Takashima

Yuna in Hero form.

Yuna's overall appearance is very similar to Yuki Yuna's. She has shoulder-length red hair tied up with a white and pink ribbon, a white barrette with pink cherry blossoms on it, and a small ahoge. Her eyes are the same shade of red as her hair. Yuna's school uniform is a navy blue and light blue blouse and skirt. She wears a white shirt with a violet ribbon under this outfit.


Yuna is a bright and energetic girl and can be thought of as the "mood maker of the team."[1] She thinks friends and family are two of the most important things, and she is sensitive to other's feelings. Yuna is also selfless and will throw herself into battle for her friends, even to her own detriment. However, she has a habit of hiding her own emotions, and she secretly fears to die and leaving her friends behind.


Yuna has had experience with martial arts in the past, which is a skill she retains outside of her Hero form. When she is in Hero form, her weapon is the Tekko, which is a type of "fist-load weapon." Hers, in particular, are imbued with a divine power called Ama-no-Sakate, a cursed from a land god with rage-filled hatred to destroy.

Yuna is able to access the power of the Trump Card. Her first Trump Card, Ichimokuren, invokes a storm spirit to unleash a thousand-fold flurry of punches, said to have the destructive power of a thousand nuclear bombs. Her second Trump Card is Shuten-douji, a vicious oni ruler, which causes her gauntlets to grow to a tremendous size and for two horns to sprout from Yuna's head along with a red chin-piece. Using Shuten-douji's power grants Yuna godlike strength and it, along with Wakaba's Daitengu, are the most powerful Trump Cards used, but its power places a tremendous strain on Yuna's body and mind, causing it to have been originally forbidden by the Taisha.


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Forms of AddressEdit

Person Nickname
Self Watashi (私)
Yuki Yuna Yuki-chan (結城ちゃん)
Togo Mimori Togo-san (東郷さん)
Inubouzaki Fu Fu-san (風さん)
Inubouzaki Itsuki Itsuki-chan (樹ちゃん)
Miyoshi Karin Karin-chan (夏凜ちゃん)
Nogi Sonoko (YuYuYu) Sono-chan (園ちゃん)
Washio Sumi Sumi-chan (須美ちゃん)
Nogi Sonoko (WaSuYu) Sonoko-chan (園子ちゃん)
Minowa Gin Gin-chan (銀ちゃん)
Nogi Wakaba Wakaba-chan (若葉ちゃん)
Uesato Hinata Hina-chan (ヒナちゃん)
Koori Chikage Gun-chan (ぐんちゃん)
Doi Tamako Tama-chan (タマちゃん)
Iyojima Anzu An-chan (アンちゃん)
Shiratori Utano Utano-chan (歌野ちゃん)
Fujimori Mito Mito-chan (水都ちゃん)
Akihara Sekka Secchan (せっちゃん)
Kohagura Natsume Natsume-san (棗さん)


  • Yuna's appearance is very similar to Yuki Yuna's, and their heights and voice actors are the same. She also shares the voice actor with Akamine Yuna.
  • Yuna's blood type was revealed in Chapter 18 of Nogi Wakaba is a Hero.
  • Yuna's weapon, called Ama-no-Sakate, is named after a "reverse clap" gesture performed by Kotoshironushi, the son of Okuninushi, the ruler of Izumo when they abdicated their land to the heavenly gods. When Okuninushi agreed to abdicate his land to Heaven, Kotoshironushi hid from the world with a reverse clap. Much like Kotoshironushi, Yuna fought against the invasion of Earth by the heavenly gods, and her "reverse clap" is stated to be a curse toward the divine, to the point where after her death, baby girls who perform a reverse clap at birth are given the name Yuna in deference to her.
  • Yuna originally came from Nara Prefecture. Judging by how she mentions playing near a shrine in her youth and receiving her power there during the Vertex Disaster, it's likely that the shrine that she is referring to is the Asuka Shrine, which enshrines the deity Kotoshironushi.[2]

Flower MotifEdit

Yuna's flower is Prunus x yedoensis, or the (Red) Yoshino Cherry.


Mobile GameEdit


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