The Taisha is an organization of people who oversee the worship of the Shinju-Sama. They are known to keep secrets for the benefit of worship, such as Sange. The Taisha wear masks and all have the same article of clothing. 


The Taisha Logo.

History Edit

The Taisha was founded sometime after the Vertex took over the world, and started working on the Hero Program. During the first year of the Divine Era, the name of the Taisha changed from Grand Shrine to Amnesty to be reminded to take back the land that was stolen from them one day.

After the unfortunate death of Minowa Gin, the Taisha took her terminal and gave it to Karin, and added Mankai and Fairies to the System as offerings and protection.

During the events of Yuki Yuna is a Hero, the Taisha worked with Fu to find members for the Hero Club-which was really just cover for the Hero System. They kept the secret of Sange from Fu, knowing she wouldn't cooperate.

Later, they paid for the fundings of the replacement phones and an extravagant dinner during a beach trip the girls took. When Sonoko used her powers to call Yuna and Mimori, they went looking for her and almost attacked the two girls until Sonoko commanded they stop and treat them with respect. Bowing, the Taisha waited patiently and then drove the girls home to the request of Sonoko.

When Fu did find out about Sange, the Taisha went to Sonoko and asked her to help out with her rampage, of which she declined. Much to their disappointment, the Taisha obeyed. After Yuna defeated the powered Leo Vertex, they took away the Sange from the system.

In the year 301 DE, the Taisha disbanded as most of its members became wheat.

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  • The Nogi and Uesato households are the highest ranking families within the Taisha, likely due to Wakaba and Hinata's significant contributions to its formation.
  • The location of the Taisha's headquarters is kept confidential, but it is implied to be in the mountains of western Tokushima prefecture, near the purification waterfall seen in Washio Sumi's Chapter and Heroes' Chapter. This is also hinted to be the location closest to the Shinju.

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