Stardust (from the Visual Fanbook)

Stardusts (星屑; Hoshikuzu) are the smallest unit of all known Vertex and are analogous to cells of mortal creatures. They were the first species of Vertex to be released upon humanity during the Anno Domini era.

Appearance Edit

Stardusts appear as unnaturally white blobs with no eyes and a mouth permanently frozen in an eerie grin. Their skin is decorated with tattoo-like shapes. According to Nogi Wakaba is a Hero, Stardusts are slightly bigger than an average human. They appear to be mindless, driven only by a desire to devour humans and fuse with each other, thus creating more powerful forms of Vertexes.

Plot Edit

After surviving the first wave of Stardusts, humanity has tried multiple forms of retaliation, none of which were successful. Vertexes appeared to be indestructible, as not even the Japanese navy could kill them.

Some time afterward, during the first years of the Divine Era, Nogi Wakaba's team lead an expedition into the ruins of the universe outside of Shinju's barrier. There, they found out that Stardusts are born from eggs. Doi Tamako managed to destroy some of these eggs using the power of her Faerie.

When Takashima Yuna merged with the Shinju after her death, the barrier around Shikoku strengthened to the point Stardusts could not break through it. As such, the Gods decided to only send the evolved Vertexes in an attempt to destroy the Shinju once and for all.

Abilities Edit

  • By themselves, Stardusts do not possess any supernatural powers sans flight. However, thousands of them can merge in order to form more powerful forms of Vertexes.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Stardusts first crashed from the sky and started fusing in order to create the powerful Vertexes, Nogi Wakaba compared the process to evolution of Earth life.