The Sealing Ritual (印の儀 Fuuin No Gi?) is an added feature to the Yusha System used to defeat a vertex successfully. The heroes of Yuki Yuna can't defeat a vertex without this ritual unless they are in Mankai. The feature was added around version three of the system as well.

Appearance Edit

The sealing ritual seems to be shown through an aurora of flower petals surrounding the Vertex it is being targeted at. It seems some numbers are placed at the bottom of the Vertex and shifts itself over and over indicating how much sealing power the heroes have left. When the heroes perform the second step their current Fairies appear above them.

Performance Edit

"Oh Master of the Afterlife, Have Pity On Us. Bring Us your blessings. Protect our happiness and fortune and bring us joy."

- The Chant Of The Sealing Ritual.

  • The "soul" of the Vertex will then appear and then it is the Heroes' job to destroy it.

Some Vertex have souls that are unique and perform actions to delay being sealed, an example is the Pink Gemini Twin's soul multiplies by thousands and is only destroyed by an area attack.