Minowa Gin
Gin sprite
Kanji 三ノ輪 銀
Romaji Minowa Gin
English Gin Minowa
Age 11
Gender Female
Grade 6th Year of Elementary School
Blood Type A
Height 145 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday November 10
Status Deceased
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Minowa Tetsuo (brother)
Minowa Kintarou (brother)
First Appearance
Debut Washio Sumi is a Hero - Chapter 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Hanamori Yumiri [1]

Minowa Gin (三ノ輪 銀 Minowa Gin?) is one of the three main characters of a light novel Washio Sumi is a Hero. At the time of the story taking place, she's a 6th-year elementary school student chosen by Taisha to fight Vertex as a Hero, along with Nogi Sonoko and Washio Sumi.


Thanks to her aptitude and her family's high reputation in Taisha, Gin was chosen to be a Hero and was provided with necessary training, along with two of her classmates, to protect the world and Shinju from incoming Vertexes' attack.

Although not knowing each other well at first, she quickly started getting along with both Sumi and Sonoko, soon enough becoming best friends with the two of them and working hard to save the world together.

During the fourth battle with Vertexes, the girls fell into a trap in which they all got seriously injured. Gin, being the only one who was still able to fight, decided to protect her friends and repel the three attacking enemies by herself, which was successful but came at the cost of her life.

Due to her death, Taisha decided to modify the first Hero system in a way that could give the Heroes more power, implementing Mankai and fairies to help them and prevent them from ever dying.


Gin was the youngest and the shortest out of the three friends, also being physically the strongest and the most sporty one. She had grey-colored eyes and matching hair, cut short with thin, longer 'tail' tied neatly on the back of her head. She wore a flower-shaped hairpin every day.


Gin in Hero form.

After transforming into a Hero, her outfit changed into a mostly orange-colored suit (red in the anime) with grey and white undertones. Her hair was also tied into a ponytail with a significantly larger orange (red in the anime) ribbon. The suit itself appeared to be designed in a way that restricts as little movements as possible, completed by an open-tail coat-like cloth which provides the chest area, back, forearms, and legs with additional protection.


Gin was a kind, energetic girl, with a lot of spirits and positive attitude. Her main interests consisted of sports and different kinds of competitions. During her free time, mostly before going to school, she looked after her younger brother. That, along with her helpful nature which made her give a hand to everyone needing it, often caused her to be late for her classes and meetings.

She secretly has an interest in breast size, and often compares them to mountains that she knows based on their sizes, especially when Uesato Hinata and both Togo Mimori's are around.


As a Hero, Gin's specialty was launching into a head-on assault and protecting her friends from the enemies' attacks. She was both physically stronger and more resistant to damage than the other two. She used twin axes as her weapons which perfectly suited her direct way of fighting.


Togo MimoriEdit

One of Gin's classmates and a fellow Hero under the name of Washio Sumi. Their personalities were vastly different, as Gin was tomboyish and playful while Mimori was serious and studious, but they bonded and became very good friends until Gin's death. When she died, Mimori (as Sumi) named her sniper rifle "Shirogane" in Gin's memory.

Nogi SonokoEdit

Another of Gin's classmates and a fellow Hero. When they first started their lives as Heroes, they could not work together, but they became good friends as time went on. They bonded over their duties as Heroes and their normal lives, and Gin's death was very hard on Sonoko. Gin's philosophy about being a Hero was something Sonoko took to heart, which helped her during her last battle.

Forms of Address Edit

Person Nickname
Self Atashi (アタシ)
Yuki Yuna Yuna-san (友奈さん)
Togo Mimori Togo-san (東郷さん) / Big Sumi (大きい須美)
Inubouzaki Fu Fu-san (風さん)
Inubouzaki Itsuki Itsuki-san (樹さん)
Miyoshi Karin Karin-san (夏凜さん)
Nogi Sonoko (YuYuYu) Sonoko-san (園子さん) / Sonoko-senpai (園子先輩)
Washio Sumi Sumi (須美)
Nogi Sonoko (WaSuYu) Sonoko (園子)
Nogi Wakaba Wakaba-san (若葉さん)
Uesato Hinata Hinata-san (ひなたさん)
Takashima Yuna Takashima-san (高嶋さん)
Koori Chikage Chikage-san (千景さん)
Doi Tamako Tamako-san (球子さん) / Tamako-senpai (球子先輩)
Iyojima Anzu Iyojima-san (伊予島さん)
Shiratori Utano Utano-san (歌野さん)
Fujimori Mito Mito-san (水都さん)
Akihara Sekka Sekka-san (雪花さん)
Kohagura Natsume Natsume-san (棗さん)


  • After the events from the light novel, Gin's terminal was passed to Karin.
  • Compared to Sumi's refusal to even use English loanwords, Gin uses English phrases in her speech rather often, such as mai furendo (my friend), mai buraza (my brother) and naisu idea (nice idea).
  • Gin's name is pronounced with a hard G, not a soft one like one may assume.
  • When Gin uses her most powerful attack, the holes in her axes light up with an effect resembling the tomoe pattern in Shinto mythology.

Flower MotifEdit

The Yuki Yuna is a Hero - Memorial Book confirms that Gin's flower motif is Botan (牡丹) / Moutan Peony. As seen on her first SSR card in YuYuYui, it is listed as "Ladylike/Appropriate Behavior", which is the hanakotoba (flower language) of the Moutan Peony.

A normal peony also means bravery.




  1. JP PlayStation article listing Gin's VA


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