Miko (巫女, Miko) are young girls whose role is to aid the Heroes in their fight against the Vertex.

Abilities Edit

Although Mikos do not possess special features that would be useful in combat, they are able to receive messages from the Shinju-sama in the form of visions of the future called oracles. Oracles usually occur in the form of dreams about stars, and that can be used to infer the strength and approximate quantity of Vertex in approaching invasions. Mikos can also remove blight inflicted by the Vertex on the Shinju-sama.

Fire Offering Festival Edit


Since humans cannot speak to gods, they must communicate their sorrow through grand gestures; thus, in times of great peril, the Taisha will prepare an offering for the heavenly gods to beg them for forgiveness. This ritual, called the "Fire Offering Festival", requires the sacrifice of six miko. They are then taken outside the barrier (although the exact methods for this are unclear), where their bodies and souls burn for years.

The Fire Offering Festival has been performed only twice: once in the first year of the Divine Era, as a plea for an armistice; and again in year 300 of the Divine Era, to beg for forgiveness for breaking the agreement of the truce.

List of known Miko in the seriesEdit



  • Sometime during the first 300 years of the Divine Era, all the miko were gathered into the Taisha.
  • Sometimes, a hero with the powers of a miko (called a "Messiah") may take the place of six miko in the Fire Offering Festival. This is extremely rare, however, as Messiahs are rare.
  • Yuki Yuna is completely unaware that Togo Mimori is a Miko candidate.