Kanji リブラ・バーテックス
Romaji Ribura Bātekkusu
English Libra Vertex
Creation 2019 CE
Type Balance
Threat Level {{{Threat Level}}}
Height Unknown
Defeated By Possibly Nogi Wakaba, Minowa Gin and Yuki Yuna
Notable Kills None
Status Inactive
First Appearance
Debut Episode 5

The Libra Vertex (リブラ・バーテックス), also known as a Tenbin Type is an enemy of humanity, and the ninth Vertex the Hero Club encounters. It is based on the constellation Libra the Scales.

Appearance Edit

The body of the Vertex represents a traditional scale with one side having a large bell shape and the other side is many bell shapes. It is normally golden and stands on a rounded surface. The top of it is many pieces put together.

Plot Edit

  • In the movie Tomodachi the Vertex is constantly spinning and forcing the heroes to one position. Minowa Gin then uses brute force to destroy it.
  • In Yuki Yuna it was introduced in Episode 5 and didn't attack. It then fused with the rest of the vertex, with Yuna destroying them.

Abilities Edit

The Libra Vertex's main method of attack is by spinning itself. By spinning, the Vertex could generate powerful gusts of wind and create a tornado around itself.

The "weights" found on the Vertex can also be used in conjunction with the Libra's spinning by hitting any Hero unlucky enough to be in range of these "weights." In addition, the "weights" also serve as a sort of magnet to redirect attacks as shown when Sumi's arrow was attracted to the "weight."

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