Kusunoki Mebuki


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Kanji 楠 芽吹
Romaji Kusunoki Mebuki
English Mebuki Kusunoki
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 2nd Year of Middle School
Blood Type B
Height 159 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday May 9
Status Alive
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
First Appearance
Debut As If A Dead Flower Could Bloom
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Tanaka Minami

Kusunoki Mebuki (楠 芽吹 Kusunoki Mebuki?) is the main character appearing in her titular series, Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero.


Mebuki was born in the city of Tamamo[1] in Kagawa Prefecture. Her mother was not in her early life due to a divorce and was thus raised by her father only. Her father, a Taisha-affiliated carpenter, was a man who was dedicated to his work and received much praise for his maitenance work on shrines. Due to his dedication to his work, Mebuki's father seldom praised nor scolded his daughter. Despite her father's aloof demeanor, Mebuki looked up to him and wished to be respected like him. The only day Mebuki's father ever praised her was the day the Taisha called for Mebuki to be a Hero candidate; that day, Mebuki's father told her that she was his pride. That same day, Mebuki heard somebody say the words "Don't end up crushed beneath the wheel" a quote that stayed with Mebuki to this very day.

In D.E. 298, Mebuki, along with Miyoshi Karin, Miroku Yumiko, and numerous other girls, were chosen as Hero candidates to replace the recently-deceased Minowa Gin. The Taisha intended to train the candidates in hopes to pick one to be the next Hero while the others would eventually end up as Sentinels. During the two years of already intense training, Karin and Mebuki subjected themselves to an intense lifestyle on top of the already physically-demanding training they underwent were noted to have the highest marks of all the candidates. Unlike Mebuki, who actively isolated herself to continue her training, Karin would aid those in need by giving adivce on swordsmanship or taking the sick to the infirmary. Despite Mebuki having higher marks overall, in D.E. 300, the Taisha offically picked Karin to be the next Hero, leaving a jealous stain on Mebuki.

On the autumn of 300 D.E., the Taisha summoned Mebuki and the other former Hero candidates to The Gold Tower, where they would receive training as Sentinels. Fueled by her resolve to prove that she was the better choice to be a Hero, Mebuki vowed to become the best Sentinel the Taisha had ever seen. Her determination and training made her the most capable of all Sentinels, making her #01 and the commander of the unit.


Mebuki is a pale-skinned slightly above average height for a teenage girl. Her hair is styled in pigtails with one bang draping down. Her hair is secured by white ribbons. Her hair and eyes are a mix of blacks and grays. She is normally very stern looking and seems to only focus on training. She wears her normal uniform that is the same as Yumiko's. She has calf-high socks and outside shoes normally.

In her sentinal form, she has a standard green hue dress with additional armor to withstand the flames of the outside world.


Mebuki is zealous, always striving to complete a task by overachieving as she wants the Taisha to recognize her as the appropriate successor of Minowa Gin's position instead of Karin and is a sore loser. She is strong-willed and diligent, willing to go to any lengths to achieve victory. She is also very stubborn, whether it's about being a Hero or an artisan, her passion.


Bearing the number 01 on her Sentinel uniform, Mebuki is not only the commander of the all the Sentinels, but is also the most skilled and capable of the group. Due to her intensive training for Minowa Gin's terminal, she can dual-wield weapons with ease, putting her on par with the likes Miyoshi Karin in terms of combat. As an Officer, Mebuki is armed with a stronger variant of the bayoneted rifle and armor used by the Gunners. Thanks to her Sentinel outfit, Mebuki can also withstand the hellscape that is the World of Flames.


Chapter 1

During her first mission as a Sentinel, Mebuki thinks to herself how she, instead of Miyoshi Karin, was supposed to be the next Hero. The assignment of the Sentinels was to gather soil and lava samples from the World of Flames. On top of her frustruation of not being a Hero, Mebuki also had to contend with Miroku Yumiko's brash, competitive nature and Kagajou Suzume's constant screams for help. Despite the numerous frustrations she had with certain individuals within the Sentinel ranks, Mebuki was determined to not only complete the mission, but to also return with no casualites nor desertions. When the Sentinels' shield wall began to crumble and the Stardust separate one of the Gunners, Mebuki left the confines of the shield wall and safely brought the Gunner back into the Shield Wall. Mebuki then commanded the Gunners to collect the samples while the Officers continued to engage the Stardust; but against her explicit orders, Yumiko exited the shield wall and engaged the Stardusts, and Suzume left the shield wall to personally protect Mebuki. With Yumiko battling the Stardusts, Suzume protecing Mebuki, and Shizuku collecting as many samples as possible, Mebuki notes that their resourceful actions aided in the completion of her mission. The Sentinels completed their first mission, and Mebuki ordered the Sentinels to retreat back into Shikoku's Barrier.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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Miyoshi Karin

Both Mebuki and Karin were Hero candidates competing for the late Minowa Gin's terminal. Though the two subjected themselves into an intense lifestyle to better bolster their chances of becoming a Hero, Mebuki would see Karin as "naive" due to the latter's tendency to aid the other candidates, including Mebuki herself.

Kagajou Suzume

Miroku Yumiko

Yamabushi Shizuku

Kokudo Aya

Forms of Address

Person Nickname
Kagajou Suzume Suzume (雀)
Miroku Yumiko Miroku-san (弥革さん)
Yamabushi Shizuku Shizuku (しずく)
Kokudo Aya Aya-chan (亜那ちゃん)
Miyoshi Karin Miyoshi-san (三好さん)


  • Her hobby is making plastic models.
  • Mebuki is a commander, so she wears a visor with horns on the sides to show her rank. She also has a crest on her right shoulder pad marking her rank.

Flower Motif

See Sentinel.




  1. Ch.1: "Kusunoki Mebuki was born in the Tamamo city of the Kagawa prefecture." Tamamo city is likely based on the real-life city of Takamatsu.


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