Kusunoki Mebuki
Kanji 楠芽吹
Romaji Kusunoki Mebuki
English Mebuki Kusunoki
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 2nd year of Middle school
Blood Type B
Height 159 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday May 9
Status Alive
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
First Appearance
Debut Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero Chapter 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Tanaka Minami
English Voice None

Kusunoki Mebuki (楠芽吹, Kusunoki Mebuki) is the main character appearing in her titular series, Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero.


Mebuki was born in the city of Tamamo[1] in Kagawa Prefecture. Her mother was not in her early life due to a divorce and was thus raised by her father only.

Mebuki was also a contesting Hero-to-be against Miyoshi Karin. Karin won, but this left a jealous stain on the girl.


Mebuki is a pale-skinned slightly above average height for a teenage girl. Her hair is styled in pigtails with one bang draping down. Her hair is secured by white ribbons. Her hair and eyes are a mix of blacks and grays. She is normally very stern looking and seems to only focus on training. She wears her normal uniform that is the same as Yumiko's. She has calf-high socks and outside shoes normally.

In her sentinal form, she has a standard green hue dress with additional armor to withstand the flames of the outside world.


Mebuki is zealous, always striving to complete a task by overachieving as she wants the Taisha to recognize her as the appropriate successor of Minowa Gin's position instead of Karin and is a sore loser. She is strong-willed and diligent, willing to go to any lengths to achieve victory. She is also very stubborn, whether it's about being a Hero or an artisan, her passion.


Mebuki is ranked number one of the Sentinals making her the most capable of all the sentinals and also an officer and commander to them. Due to her training for Minowa Gin's terminal, she can dual-wield weapons with ease. As an officer, she gets a slightly stronger version of the regular Gunner's bayonetted weapon. She wears the regular sentinal clothing of a dress with additional armor to withstand the World of Flames.


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Forms of Address

Person Nickname
Kagajou Suzume Suzume (雀)
Miroku Yumiko Miroku-san (弥革さん)
Yamabushi Shizuku Shizuku (しずく)
Kokudo Aya Aya-chan (亜那ちゃん)
Miyoshi Karin Miyoshi-san (三好さん)


  • While her flower motif is still unknown, it's likely she may have a lily-of-the-valley motif as seen from the logo. Although due to the premise describing her as a 'trampled weed', she may be a type of weed.
  • Her hobby is making plastic models.
  • Mebuki is a commander, so she wears a visor with horns on the sides to show her rank. She also has a crest on her right (your left) shoulder pad marking her rank.

Flower Motif

See Sentinal.



  1. Ch.1: "Kusunoki Mebuki was born in the Tamamo city of the Kagawa prefecture." Tamamo city is likely based on the real-life city of Takamatsu.


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