Koori Chikage
Change chikage
Kanji 郡 千景
Romaji Kōri Chikage
English Chikage Koori
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 3rd Year of Middle School
Blood Type A
Height 159 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday February 3
Status Deceased
Family Unnamed Father Deceased
Unnamed Mother Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Nogi Wakaba is a Hero
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Suzuki Aina
English Voice N/A

Koori Chikage (郡 千景 Koori Chikage?) is one of the main characters of the light novel Nogi Wakaba is a Hero. She is a part of the first Hero team. Due to a tragic incident, her record had to be erased.


Chikage was born to two loving parents, but her father's childish behavior and her mother's affair turned her childhood into a nightmare. Constantly bullied because of her parents, many children 'pranked' her by pushing her down the stairs and even tried cutting her hair forcefully, ending up scaring her ears as she flailed.

Chikage found relaxation in video games, allowing herself to forget about the world around her and instead focus on shooting and leveling up. She slowly turned into an empty husk, unsure of herself and believing she was not a person of worth. When the vertex attacked, she found her weapon, the death god's Scythe, but did not fight, so it came as a surprise to her that she was in fact, a hero.

Chikage had been pumping her heart full of loneliness for so long, she was stunned when Takashima Yuna, fellow hero and later friend, started talking to her like she was 'someone of worth'.

Appearance Edit

Koori Chikage is a tall, quiet girl, with long black hair semi-tied up into a bun on the left side of her head. She has deep brown eyes and pale skin. She wears a red overcoat on top of her school uniform, a red ribbon to her shirt, and dons long red stockings.

Hero Chikage

Chikage in Hero form.

Her Hero outfit is deep red, almost kimono-like short dress. Her sleeves open up and have a white section on their ends, and she gains many red and white pieces of fabric over her body for decoration. Chikage has black stockings with a dark purple design at the top and white heels. Her now-jet-black hair grows to a tremendous size, and her ribbon used for her bun transforms into a red spider lily, hiding her bun from view. She has a black under-suit and white seams dotting her outfit. Chikage's eyes turn red and her gloves are fingerless, with a purple diamond on top.

When she uses her trump card, Shichinin Misaki, Chikage wears a long, shredded white cloak, with red designs all over. It splits into a five-petal shape. Her white folds and armor excess (save for her neck brace) disappear, leaving a golden-seamed red and black dress underneath.


Chikage is a shy and lonely girl who is not good at interacting with other people. Like many introverts, she enjoys playing video games and is shown to particularly enjoy shooting games and hunting games akin to Monster Hunter. Her constant bullying and her unstable home life have caused her to become extremely mistrustful of other people, only truly opening up to Yuna. She has also developed a severe inferiority complex, leading to her tragic rivalry with Nogi Wakaba. Her fragile mental state has led to her becoming especially susceptible to the mind-corroding effects of the Trump Card, but despite that, she is a good person at heart who only wishes for acceptance.

Abilities Edit

Chikage fights using Ohagari, a scythe imbued with divine power which can sweep and clear out Vertex in a second. It's a long red and gold scythe that is much larger than the average person and can be folded up for easy transportation. It's stated to have once belonged to a farming god who went on a rage-filled conquest after his friend's death, even destroying his funeral hut in the process-- thus cursing the scythe to destroy even the dead.

Chikage also has the ability to use a Trump Card. Her Trump Card invokes the Shichinin Misaki, a collection of seven vengeful spirits which grants her a long white cloak and the ability to split into seven clones, which can regenerate after death. She cannot be killed unless all seven are destroyed at once.


Chikage was first introduced as a part of the hero team along with the rest of the heroes and Miko. She is shown going into the classroom of Marugame before the event of forestization happens. She expresses disgust at Anzu for being fearful of the battle against the enemy but soon realizes she can't fight either. Takashima Yuna soon comforts her and she goes to destroy the vertex. Her mother is soon revealed to have the Sky Fear Syndrome that is spiraling into Stage Three. After going for walk and passing by her old school, she is found by a woman who takes her back to her home, now swarmed by the people who once detested her, praising her and claiming she was the pride of her village.This further cemented Koori's resolve to be a Hero, since she thought "People love me because I'm a hero now." Soon afterward, another Vertex attack happens and Koori is more energetic than ever. The Stardust form the incomplete Sagittarius Vertex. She charges after it and soon deploys its arrows but Chikage activates her Trump Card, defeating it. After the battle, Takashima compliments her and says that she was the "MVP" for the battle, to Chikage's delight.

In chapter 13, Iyojima Anzu and Doi Tamako are killed in a battle by the Scorpio Vertex, this incident was soon broadcasted on the news around all of Shikoku, causing heavy criticisms against the Heroes on both daily life and the internet, claiming that they aren't doing their jobs properly. Some imageboards users go as far as to speak ill about both Anzu and Tamako, which greatly enrages the already unstable Koori, who witnessed their deaths. Chikage starts having irrational thoughts due to both the mental whiplash from the Trump Card and her already unstable mind. The Taisha soon sends a text about her having signs of PTSD and wants to send her to the doctor. Afterward, she snaps and pushes Wakaba into a plant. Realizing what she's done she rushes home and she starts having hallucinations of herself saying it's not her fault. Later she snaps entirely and transforms into Hero Form to attack a group of innocent girls who used to bully her, but Wakaba stops her just in time. She soon realizes the eyes of the people on her and breaks down. The Taisha sends a letter saying that she is to be sent to house arrest and has her Hero Terminal confiscated.

After watching the news live of Wakaba's speech, she is soon filled with anger, despair and hate at Wakaba's status as a local celebrity, rips apart her room and sends the Taisha a text saying she's learned her lesson, due to it being dangerous for only one hero to fight the Taisha gives her terminal back. The Vertex soon starts to come and suddenly, Chikage tries to attack Wakaba using her Trump Card. She is forcibly depowered by the Shinju, leaving her defenseless and she's surprised that Wakaba is still trying to defend her against the Vertex. When she asks Wakaba why she is trying to help her even though she just tried to kill her moments ago, Wakaba simply replies that they're friends, so of course she's going to protect her. After this realization, she takes a hit mean for Wakaba and is chomped on the left side of her body by a Stardust. While dying, she confesses to Wakaba that while she hated her, she loved and admired her just as much. Finally, she succumbs to her injuries with a smile on her face, glad that Wakaba is the one beside her.

Due to her previous rampages, she is denied the traditional Hero burial and instead given a private funeral in her house without the knowledge of her own teammates. The exact location of her grave is also kept a secret by the Taisha. Soon afterward, all records of her existence were destroyed and her name censored from the Second Hero Diary. Though it's stated that Uesato Hinata made a secret shrine in order to preserve traces of her existence.

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Nogi Wakaba Edit

Chikage's teammate and leader in battle. Chikage almost instantly becomes envious of both Wakaba's skill in battle and her charisma and therefore develops a bitter one-sided rivalry trying to surpass her. The nadir comes when Wakaba's recklessness leads to Yuna becoming critically injured, leading to Chikage slapping her. Her and Wakaba patch things up after Wakaba makes a sincere apology, but a combination of the despair caused by the deaths of Tamako and Anzu, the anger she feels at the ungrateful criticism of the Heroes, and the psyche-corroding effects of the Trump Cards heavily affecting her already-fragile mind causes this jealousy to resurface much darker than before, eventually leading to her attempt to murder Wakaba in the Jukai. However, Wakaba continuing to defend her from Vertex after she was forcibly de-powered by the Shinju makes her realize that she always could have been the hero that Wakaba was. This leads her to take an attack aimed at Wakaba, sustaining a fatal injury as a result. With her dying breath, Chikage tells Wakaba that while she had always hated her, she had also loved and admired her just as much, and she is comforted by Wakaba's presence in her final moments.

Takashima Yuna Edit

Chikage's teammate in battle. Yuna's friendly and warm nature is the only one that can make Chikage open up, and Chikage considers her as her only close friend. Yuna is the only person whom Chikage will show her hidden nerdy side to, and she is implied to have a crush on her. Chikage is very concerned about Yuna's welfare, visiting her often when she is hospitalized and becoming angry enough at Wakaba for indirectly causing Yuna's injury to slap her. In her delusional fugue caused by the Trump Card, her seeing Yuna and Wakaba talking without her (despite them actually discussing how to help Chikage), and perceiving it as Wakaba stealing Yuna from her, leads to her plot to murder Wakaba.

Forms of AddressEdit

Person Nickname
Self Watashi (私)
Yuki Yuna Yuki-san (結城さん)
Togo Mimori Togo-san (東郷さん)
Inubouzaki Fu Inubouzaki-san (犬吠崎さん)
Inubouzaki Itsuki Itsuki-san (樹さん)
Miyoshi Karin Miyoshi-san (三好さん)
Nogi Sonoko (YuYuYu) Sonoko-san (園子さん)
Washio Sumi Washio-san (鷲尾さん)
Nogi Sonoko (WaSuYu) Sonoko-chan (園子ちゃん)
Minowa Gin Minowa-san (三ノ輪さん)
Nogi Wakaba Nogi-san (乃木さん)
Uesato Hinata Uesato-san (上里さん)
Takashima Yuna Takashima-san (高嶋さん)
Doi Tamako Doi-san (土居さん)
Iyojima Anzu Iyojima-san (伊予島さん)
Shiratori Utano Shiratori-san (白鳥さん)
Fujimori Mito Fuijmori-san (藤森さん)
Akihara Sekka Akihara-san (秋原さん)
Kohagura Natsume Kohagura-san (古波蔵さん)


  • Chikage's last name (郡) can be pronounced as either Koori by itself or 'Gunkaki' when written directly with the rest of her name (郡千景), hence her nickname 'Gun-chan'.
  • Chikage's nickname is pronounced 'goon-chan'. Despite its spelling, Yuna's usage of 'gun' is of Japanese language and descent, not the American word for gun.
  • Her in-game nickname is "C-shadow" (Cシャドウ). ("C" being "Chi" in her name being shortened, and "Shadow" is the meaning of "kage" in her name). When there are character restrictions, she uses "TKG".
  • In the Hero Chapter opening, a drawing of the Heroes from the Anno Domini era is displayed with Chikage conspicuously absent, reflecting her erasure from all official records.

Flower MotifEdit

Chikage's theme flower is the Lycoris Radiata, better known as the Red Spider Lily. They are infamous symbols of death or neglect.


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