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Doi Tamako
Change tamako
Kanji 土居 球子
Romaji Doi Tamako
English Tamako Doi
Age 14
Gender Female
Grade 2nd Year of Middle School (Presumed)
Blood Type B
Height 147 cm
Favorite Food Udon
Birthday September 2
Status Deceased
Family Unnamed Mother
First Appearance
Debut Sprouting
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Hondo Kaede
English Voice N/A

Doi Tamako (土居 球子 Doi Tamako?) is one of the main characters of the light novel Nogi Wakaba is a Hero. She was a part of the first Hero team.


Like Anzu, Tamako hails from Ehime Prefecture[1].


Tamako has short brown hair with two shoulder-length bangs and two small buns that are each tied with an orange and black hair tie. Her school uniform consists of a white shirt with a violet bow and a navy blue skirt with a light blue line. However, most of it is covered by her orange and black jacket.

Hero Tamako

Tamako in Hero form.

Her Hero form's outfit is an orange, black and white suit with two coattails in the back and two in the front. Tamako also wears orange and black gloves, and her buns are tied with orange ribbons that may be considered to be in a flower-like shape. These ribbons appear to be connected to two clips that extend from the back to the front of her head.


Tamako is an energetic, emotionally-driven girl that is very fond of the outdoors. She tends to laugh a lot and gets angry easily. She is also fond of making puns with her first name (Tamako), as well as talking in the third person. She is protective of her friends and tries to prevent them from being hurt.


Tamako's Hero form gives her a bladed shield named Kamuyatatehime to battle with. It can be used as a weapon similar to a yo-yo because it can be thrown and returned, but it can also be used as a blade when swung around.

Her usual trump card is Wan Yuudou, which can enlarge her shield to the points the girls can all stand on it with room to spare. Once thrown, Tamako can control it without having to use the string. When wanted, it will spew fire. When activated, Tamako's outfit changes to a kimono similar to Mankai, and a large gold ring surrounding her neck. Two long ribbons extend from a place on her chest.



Iyojima AnzuEdit

Tamako and Anzu are described as being very close to each other, similar to siblings. Anzu thinks of Tamako as her "senpai". Tamako has asked why they haven't gone out already, although she was joking when she said this.

When Anzu is unconscious in Chapter 13, Tamako is desperate to protect her and uses her weapon as a shield for both of them. When they are fatally injured by the Vertex, she grabs Anzu's hand as she dies.

Nogi Wakaba Edit

Uesato Hinata Edit

Takashima Yuna Edit

Koori Chikage Edit

Aki Masuzu Edit

Forms of AddressEdit

Person Nickname
Self Tama (タマ)
Yuki Yuna Yuki (結城)
Togo Mimori
Inubouzaki Fu Fu (風)
Inubouzaki Itsuki
Miyoshi Karin Karin (夏凜)
Nogi Sonoko (YuYuYu) Sonoko (園子)
Washio Sumi Sumi (須美)
Nogi Sonoko (WaSuYu) Sono (ソノ)
Minowa Gin Gin (銀)
Nogi Wakaba Wakaba (若葉)
Uesato Hinata Hinata (ひなた)
Takashima Yuna Yuna (友奈)
Koori Chikage Chikage (千景)
Iyojima Anzu Anzu (あんず)
Shiratori Utano Utano (歌野)
Fujimori Mito Mito (水都)
Akihara Sekka Sekka (雪花)
Kohagura Natsume Natsume (棗)


  • For a reason not yet disclosed, Tamako's eyes often alternate between green and brown. It is most likely a coloring mistake.
  • Tamako's favorite type of music is punk rock[2].
  • Name of Tamako's Weapon is "Kamiya Tate Hime 「神屋盾比売」".

Flower MotifEdit

Tamako's flower is Himeyuri (姫百合) / Morning Star Lily (Lilium Concolor).



References Edit

  1. Ch.5: "Anzu and Tamako's birthplaces were nearby, but they had first met when the Vertexes appeared." "Anzu's birthplace was northwest Ehime Prefecture..."
  2. Ch.5: "Not bad... but I want something a little more powerful and upbeat... You really gotta go for punk rock when it comes to music!"


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