Kanji アリエス・バーテックス
Romaji Ariesu Bātekkusu
English Aries Vertex
Creation 2019 CE
Type Sheep
Threat Level {{{Threat Level}}}
Height Unknown
Defeated By Presumingly Nogi Wakaba, Mimori Togo
Notable Kills None
Status Inactive
First Appearance
Debut Episode 5

The Aries Vertex (アリエス・バーテックス), also known as an Osu Hitsuji Type, is an enemy of humanity, and the sixth Vertex the Hero Club encounters. It is based after the constellation Aries the Ram.

Appearance Edit

The overall color palette is a lilac purple or a dark purple. Its head represents that of a ram with two sides sticking out. The neck is very small and the torso is also compact. Its arms extend out to lilac bands. The bottom ia a transparent purple clearing with its legs inside. The ending tip of it is where the soul appears once it is sealed.

Plot Edit

The Aries vertex appeared with five other vertex in Episode 5. It started bouncing towards the Shinju before Karin stopped it and started sealing it. Yuna then punched a weak point within its soul before Togo shot it, successfully defeating it.

Abilities Edit

The Aries Vertex is capable of shooting shots of lightning to attack the Heroes. When working in tandem with the Pisces Vertex, the Aries can ignite Pisces's gas to create a massive explosion, and thus, increasing their destructive potential.

When the Sealing Ritual is performed on its soul acts like a drill.

Gallery Edit