Kanji アクエリアス・バーテックス
Romaji Akueriasu Bātekkusu
English Aquarius Vertex
Creation 2019 CE
Type Water Bucket
Threat Level Unknown
Height Unknown
Defeated By Nogi Wakaba, Minowa Gin, Yuki Yuki
Notable Kills None
Status Inactive
First Appearance
Debut Episode 5

The Aquarius Vertex (アクエリアス・バーテックス), also known as a Mizugame Type is an enemy of humanity, and the eighth Vertex the Hero Club encounters. It is based on the constellation Aquarius the Water Carrier.

Appearance Edit

The Aquarius vertex entire body as a whole resembles a fish even with its attacks being water-based. Its main body is a dark blue rectangle with an antenna like stick on its head. Its connected to two water spheres through spikes. On its bottom, it represents almost a tail and almost looks like white cloth.

Plot Edit

It first appeared in episode 5 of Yuki Yuna, the vertex didn't do much to attack. The Leo Vertex then fused it along with the three other vertexes. It aimed for Fu first as it encased her in water almost drowning her before she went Mankai. They soon started sealing and Yuna managed to destroy the large soul that came from space in Mankai form.

Abilities Edit

This Vertex mainly relies on the twin water spheres on either side of its body to launch water-based ranged attacks, such as bombarding the Heroes with a high-pressure water jet or releasing a volley of high-density water spheres.

  • The water spheres not only hit hard, but they can also attach themselves to the body of the target instead of shattering once they hit.
    • Minowa Gin had been hit multiple times by this Vertex during their initial encounter, and it took her a while to get rid of the spheres restricting her movement.
  • As this Vertex mainly uses water-based attacks, it may sometimes try to drown its opponent instead of relying on brute force. Notable targets were:
    • Nogi Wakaba - Used the power of Daitengu to evaporate the sphere of water surrounding her in order to escape.
    • Minowa Gin - Drank the sphere of water encapsulating her head.
    • Inubouzaki Fu - Activated Mankai to escape.

Gallery Edit