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Chara aki
Kanji 安芸先生
Romaji Aki-sensei
English Mrs. Aki
Age 20's to early 30's
Gender Female
Grade Graduated
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Favorite Food Udon, Possibly Yakisoba
Status Alive
Family Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Washio Sumi is a Hero
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Satou Rina

Aki-Sensei (安芸先生 Aki-sensei) is a character in Washio Sumi is a Hero, being the girls' instructor and mentor in their Hero training. After the Sange of Nogi Sonoko, she became a Taisha priestess.

Appearance Edit

Aki-sensei is a tall and well-endowed woman. She has glasses, green-brown hair that she often ties back in a side ponytail, and lets some bangs hand over her eyes. As a teacher, she wore a green shirt with a dark green bow and a forest green skirt. She had gray leggings and black kitten heels.

When she became a Taisha priestess, she wore the de facto clothing, but unlike others continued to hang her bangs over her forehead like she always did so she could distinguish herself. She did not wear glasses during this time.

After the perishing of the Shinju, she lost an eye due to it being the starting point of her transformation into a sacred wheat.

Personality Edit

Aki-sensei is strict and stern with her students but is not disliked. She does have a talent for scaring some students into submission. Underneath, Aki-sensei is kind and willing to help.

Plot Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She does not like green peppers.
  • Due to her last name, it is possible she is a descendant of Aki Masuzu, a character in Nogi Wakaba is a Hero.
  • In the original novel, her name was never mentioned-she was referred to as simply the girls' teacher.
  • She was never shown in the novels either, aside from a quick glance at the side of her during Gin's introduction art.
  • She was revealed to be the priestess teaching the Sentinals in Chapter 6 of KuMeYu.
  • Aki-sensei was the priestess who begged Togo to be the sacrifice in the Fire Offering Festival and was the same on Sonoko Nogi addressed when researching the issue of Togo's disappearance.
  • For her own amusement, Sonoko would often make Aki-sensei eat bowls of green peppers during her enshrinement as a god.

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